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31. [11.76%] US Hancock CV/CVA-19 DANFS history
Download the Actual WWII Deck Log in our Archive They can also be found in our Download Section (next Link) Peruse the Website Document Archive The U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier List - complete to Hull Number 76 - 26.8kb

32. [11.76%] Jake's Other Military Memorials
Celestial Bound WWII Extended Galleries From Communications to Ships Company via the 1MC... The following Galleries are Exceptional! Must-Visit Galleries!!! The Extended WWII Gallery - A Gift to us from Earl P. - 26.5kb

33. [11.76%] Pier #3 - Jake's USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial Brow
Hancock - WWII Memorial USS Hancock - Post WWII The Marine Detachment The Visitor's Guestbook Join our Crew List Message Board - 11.9kb

34. [9.71%] Herschel A. Paul Citation
the Hancock Memorial's WWII Aircraft and War Actions Administrator and Specialist for WWII History on this website. These duties have aided the Yeoman of the website greatly in the area of preserving Hancock WWII History. No one can do that - 4.7kb

35. [9.71%] The Hancock Operations Log
USS Hancock - WWII USS Hancock - Post WWII Get Memorial now on CD-ROM ! Site Dedication & Tributes Website Patriotic Statement Captain's Office U.S. Asiatic Fleet Tribute - 6.6kb

36. [9.71%] The Dan Larkin Hannah Awards Gallery
For Actions during WWII, she received... Five Engagement Battle Stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon: Operations off Leyte Operations off Luzon Operations off - 39.7kb

37. [8.82%] Playing Taps
as well as the Hancock WWII Deck Log. You can read it on the History Page of this Website here . Joseph F. Parker, CDR, USN, Senior Chaplain aboard Hannah 1944-45 Joseph F. Parker (May 12, - 75.2kb

38. [8.82%] Jake's Naval Museums Link Page
on Yorktown in 1943, during WWII Here she is, all decked out in her camouflage during the Pacific War Patriots Point Naval Museum "Blue Ghost" - the USS Lexington CV-16 at Corpus Christi, Texas - 12.0kb

39. [8.82%] Public Information Office - X-Divsion
which she was engaged, from WWII to the end of the Vietnam war. These correspondents worked with and through the PIO on Hannah. The following are a collection of General News Release Postings on Hancock... WWII newsclip - - 13.1kb

40. [8.82%] Jake's Special Recognition & Achievement Award
'Earl P. Ayres Extended WWII Gallery' Acknowledgment is given to Dan Larkin, CWO4, USN (Ret) for his contribution of the 'Hannah Awards' Information that makes up the ' Hannah Awards Center ' - 17.3kb

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