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51. [7.06%] Ship's Call to Muster
in the WWII Gallery and also in the Serendipity Gallery . He is remembered in our Taps Section here . Jerry Crosser ( see Jake for his Email ) - CR Division (Communications) - Served during same time as - 32.6kb

52. [7.06%] The Official "Hancock Poem" - 1945
Best Loved by her WWII Crew this Image of her which the Crew could buy in the Ship's Store "The Fighting Hannah" "The Hancock Poem" Lads, you hold to the annals of courage - 7.1kb

53. [5.88%] Playing Taps: Page 2
Page, Our WWII Main Gallery has several other contributions by "Doc" Andy. A News clip he sent the Yeoman on our ' Other Proud Hancocks' Page , and finally our Aircraft of WWII Page . Andy - 54.3kb

54. [5.88%] USS Hancock CVA-19 Losses E-mail Thread Page: Lt John R. McDonough - June 20...
to power some 3/4 scale WWII fighter replicas, among other homebuilts. I have a 420 cid Chevy small block in my garage right now for my retirement project (sorta of 8 seat Piper Cub). I don't expect near the horsepower of the R-3350 - 53.9kb

55. [5.88%] Mac's Zippo
shipmates of the Post WWII era remember this lighter well. The wife of the man asked me what I might be able to do to help find the man, so I told her to keep the destination of the flight confidential, and I'd place a picture of the - 4.5kb

56. [5.88%] Jake's Yeoman Scuttlebutt & other Bilge
Association Member and WWII Hancock Veteran, answering a question I had about Senator John McCain's involvment with the Hancock, during the Vietnam war. Here is what he sent me: "The John S. McCain who was Flag of Task Group 18.1 - 13.5kb

57. [5.88%] Patriot's Point Naval and Maritime Museum
on Yorktown in 1943, during WWII Here the Yorkown is, all decked out in her camouflage during the Pacific War "Blue Ghost" - the USS Lexington CV-16 at Corpus Christi, Texas... - 8.5kb

58. [5.88%] Jake's Poetry - "The Epic of the USS Hancock CVA-19"
Hannah" as she was in WWII by a Click of the picture. The Epic of The USS Hancock CVA-19 as remembered by a - 22.5kb

59. [5.88%] Jake's Poetry - Veterans Day
Best Loved by her WWII Crew this Image of the "Fighting Hannah" which the Crew could buy in the Ship's Store - donated by the late Capt Herschel A. Pahl along with the "Hancock Poem" - 8.8kb

60. [5.88%] Hancock Post Re-Commissioning Casualties
HANCOCK casualties from WWII, and some of the below casualties from the Vietnam era, are listed on the magnificent brass plaque aboard YORKTOWN at Patriots Point, Charleston, SC . That plaque is depicted elsewhere in the Hancock - 33.6kb

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