Survivor's Guilt

- A Vietnam Legacy -

Sometimes I ask WHY they had to die,
and WHY I was left alive to grieve...
The answer seems we shouldn't try
to question mysteries we can't perceive.

Life at best, is happenstance,
We're here to live life the best we can,
The rest then, must be left to chance...
and accept Fate as a man.

Our Birth was much like being vexed,
for in the Womb, we feared to leave.
No one can tell what happens next,
No answers come, for our doubts relieve.

You may miss those who did not survive,
For those whose blood was spilt...
But more: Be happy that you're alive,
And dwell not, on all this guilt.

For that is what they'd want you to do,
To live your life for them...
Life goes on, and so must you!
And in this way, you'll honor them.

Written for those who suffer it everyday..
November 3, 1996
by Jake
Copyright 1996 - All Rights Reserved

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