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This site is dedicated to the Memory of those shipmates of the USS Indianapolis CA-35 who lost their lives that fateful night in July of 1945 and is also dedicated to those surivors who continue the Vigil.

A Special Remembrance is given to :

Seaman 2/c George Edward "Ed" Jones, USN, Gunner, 5th Division, USS Indianapolis CA-35 of  Blaine, Tennessee, who lost his life, along with 882 of his fellow shipmates, when the ship was torpedoed on  30 July 1945 

This Remembrance is to Honor Him whose Letters we have few to remind us that these young men were people like you and I who just happened to be in the Wrong place at the Right time.

It is meant to remember such heroism of those who sought to survive against nearly impossible odds - yet survived to tell the tale. To them we hail and Honor with a deep debt of gratitude.


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George "Ed" Jones


Tribute to
George Edward "Ed" Jones
(sorry, not Bio as yet available)

Letters from George Edward "Ed" Jones, S2c,
  written from the
 U.S.S. Indianapolis, 1944-1945, to his sisters
 Christine Purkey and 
Mildred (Jones) Finley

Letters & Menu courtesy of
Sue Purkey, Ed Jone's Niece

January 22, 2000

"My Uncle George Edward "Ed" Jones was lost on the Indianapolis. I have a series of his letters recounting his life aboard ship as well as a poem that he wrote entitled "A Sailors Reward" If you are interested in these items I can e-mail them to you and you can decide if they would be appropriate for your site. Ed was very young when he died and was never married. These items are his legacy and the family would be proud to have them included on your site should you decide to post them. Sue Purkey, Val David, Quebec"

Letter to sister
 Christine Purkey
June 24, 1944

Letter to sister 
Mildred (Jones) Finley
December 25, 1944

Letter to sister 
Mildred (Jones) Finley
March 22, 1945

Letter to sister
Christine Purkey
May 9, 1945

Letter to sister
Christine Purkey
July 4, 1945

"Sailor's Reward"
by Ed Jones

Christmas 'Chow"
December 1944

The Ship's History

USS Indianapolis CA-35

The Fateful Mission

Death of a Warship

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USS Indianapolis CA-35

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Tommy Reid's Testimony...

The Death of the USS Indianapolis CA-35

By the Late Tommy Reid
A personal witness to the Tragedy

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U.S.S. Indianapolis CA-35 Memorial

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Heavy Attack Cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35)
USS Indianapolis CA-35

There are few tragedies at sea that capture one's imagination and fear more than the nightmare which took place under the glow of the moon, on a hot and steamy summer's night, just after midnight on July 30, 1945. This tragedy took the lives of 883 souls. Only 316 survived to tell of the horrors.

The Tragedy at Sea that this Website remembers, took place aboard the USS Indianapolis CA-35, a heavy cruiser on a secret mission to Tinian. It was after the delivery of their secret cargo, while steaming in relatively "safe" waters, that this tragedy took place

Books will tell of many such exciting tales, of adventure, mahem and death on the high seas, but most of these are only fictional stories, sealed up in library books.

Naval History can always tell of such things. However, the survivors are the ones who can tell the truth of such happenings. The survivors of the USS Indianapolis have their own true tale sealed up in their minds until every last one of them is gone from this earth. It is something none of them can ever escape, nor will it be very distant from them, no matter how much time passes.

The adventure begins with the delivery of a Secret Cargo to the island of Tinian, where it was to be delivered to the Japanese homeland. The Secret Cargo, is now public and has become one of the worlds greatest controversies.

But those Americans who fought in World War II, and more particularly, those who fought in the Pacific War, know beyond any shadow of doubt that the Secret Cargo was meant to end the further shedding of blood, in a war that had outlived most American's patience and ability to continue.

We are referring to the Atom Bomb, and its effective ending of the war that had taken millions of lives. These considerations were given much scrutiny by our leaders, and more particularly, by then, President Truman and the War Department.

Yet all came to the same conclusion, that, to not drop the two bombs on two relatively small and "rural" communities, would just cause the war to continue, till every last Japanese citizen was in their grave. Americans were war-weary, and wanted a quick solution to the "Japanese Problem" and wanted it right away. Too many Mother's sons were dying. The Bomb was the only solution.

It was the Indianapolis' mission to deliver this solution. And thus began the fateful mission that would end the career of an illustrious ship, and over 880 of her crew.

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Portions of this site were reproduced courtesy of Eran More and William H. Stewart, Military Historical Cartographer.

Please visit the following sites:

The Yeoman created this Page from the above, as a Mirror Site to make the Text in the Indianapolis Tragedy blend with the theme of this Memorial, under permissions granted by Eran More. All credit is due to it's author - Please visit these sites for further WWII History in the Region of the Northern Mariana Islands of Tinian and Saipan.

The background music is the Largo from Xerxes by Georg Friedrich Handel - an appropriate piece for this Memorial, played in memory of all those who lost their lives in the USS Indianapolis Disaster.

This is the True Navy

"And do not think of these ships as the Navy. The ships alone are masses of inert matter; they are of themselves powerless. The thing that makes the ships alive, the thing that makes them turn to the right and to the left, and take part in maneuvers, and fire their guns, is the spirit of man. It is the spirit of man that designs and makes and vivifies the ships.  The Navy is not composed of ships: the Navy is composed of men.  The ships are the tools they use."

From the Forward written by Admiral Fiske in the book,
The U.S. Navy by E. Muller Jr., Rand McNally & Co., New York 1917

Recently a USS Hancock Shipmate of the Yeoman's, James "Jim" R. Barbour, sent an Email that should be of interest to all those who served in the Navy, and more particularly, those who served in Hancock:

"Hi Jake, stumbled across this info and thought of our ship immediately.............very surprised... shipmate...Jim B.

"...As part of the casting process, the bronze for The Lone Sailor was mixed with artifacts from eight U. S. Navy ships...The ships span the Navy's history...Constitution (``Old Ironsides'') and Constellation; the steamer Hartford, flagship of Admiral David G. Farragut in the Civil War era; the battleship USS Maine; the iron-hulled steamer/sailing ship USS Ranger; the World War II-era cruiser USS Biloxi and aircraft carrier USS Hancock, and the nuclear-powered submarine USS Seawolf..." To see complete write-up click button.

Jim B. is a shipmate of Jake's who served in USS HANCOCK CVA-19.

The Lone Sailor

"Lone Sailor"

I am the American Sailor
that we may never forget who we are...


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This Website was Commissioned on Jan 22, 2000 for Sue Purkey in memory of her uncle George 'Ed' Jones, S/2c and provided as a 'Labor of Love' by Jake the Yeoman - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial and Yeoman Bee Software, Ltd. Your Continued Support is Requested.

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