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This Vital area is protected by Password.. why the Security? Spammers are screwing around with our Guest Books and now they decided to target the Crew Muster List, hence this little game which can be fun.

Password is hidden in these Questions below that only a Sailor knows - the red ? are your questions. Only one is needed.

Question Options (Only One is needed):

If you are a non-military person you can answer this Question which every American should know.. What is the Common Name of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC ?

1. A Marine Guard passes through the passageway with his 'brig patrol' - every few feet along the way you hear, "Gangway..... ?

2. Lights out at 2200 Hrs.. over the ? you hear.. "The Smoking ? is out in all berthing Spaces" or..

3. Sweepers, man your ?.. or..

Question Option #4 is for WWII Shipmates:

4. A Decisive Battle in WWII was the "Battle of ? Gulf"

If none of those worked for you, try this one (simple):

5. The JACCARD's Hull number ?

6. For those who do not understand Navy Jargon, what is the earth's major luminary ?

7. December 7, 1941 was one day that lives forever in infamy, what is the 3 digit name for the other one?

Good luck..