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This Vital area is protected by Password.. why the Security? Spammers are screwing around with our Input Areas and now they decided to target the Tell-A-Friend Section; hence this little game which can be fun.

If you did not serve in JACCARD and are just a Visitor to this Website, you can still sign our Guest Book. Please use the following Link:

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Password is hidden in these Questions below that only a Sailor knows - the red ? are your questions. Only one is needed.

Question Options (Only One is needed):

If you are a non-military person you can answer this Question which every American should know.. What is the Common Name of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC ?

1. A Marine Guard passes through the passageway with his 'brig patrol' - every few feet along the way you hear, "Gangway..... ?

2. Lights out at 2200 Hrs.. over the ? you hear.. "The Smoking ? is out in all berthing Spaces" or..

3. Sweepers, man your ?.. or..

Question Option #4 is for WWII Shipmates:

4. A Decisive Battle in WWII was the "Battle of ? Gulf"

If none of those worked for you, try this one (simple):

5. The JACCARD's Hull number ?

6. For those who do not understand Navy Jargon, what is the earth's major luminary ?

Good luck..