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"And do not think of these ships as the Navy. The ships alone are masses of inert matter; they are of themselves powerless. The thing that makes the ships alive, the thing that makes them turn to the right and to the left, and take part in maneuvers, and fire their guns, is the spirit of man. It is the spirit of man that designs and makes and vivifies the ships.  The Navy is not composed of ships: the Navy is composed of men.  The ships are the tools they use."

From the Forward written by Admiral Fiske in the book,
The U.S. Navy by E. Muller Jr., Rand McNally & Co., New York 1917

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Shipmate: Ken 'Jake' Jaccard, YN3, USNR-R

My Email: [email protected]
My Home of Record was: Glendale, California
Where I now Live: Winchester, TN
My Phone Number should you wish to reach me: (931) 962-9875

Logged on:
Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 1:21:15 PM

My Shipboard Division: Website Yeoman
Years Served Aboard:
to Never

Rank/Rate: YN3

Some Shipmates I'm Seeking:
All those shipmates of the Jaccard who have not as yet joined this Muster List!

Shipboard History:
This is the Initiation of this Muster List. I am your Website Yeoman. Please join us so we know you were here, and so others may contact you. Remember, though the JACCARD is no longer with us, the Crew will live on, whether here or on the other side of the Veil.. The Crew Lives On! Jake

Things I Miss or Remember: I miss my Shipmates on the U.S.S. Hancock CVA-19. I am sure you miss yours too, so Come Aboard! Jake
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