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The USS Jaccard Mystique

Jake the YeomanThis Page is dedicated to those Tokens of our past that jog memories, such as Match Box Covers, or Lighters with ship's Insignias on them, or just a Letter Cover, complete with a 3 ¢ Stamp. If you have something to share that would fit in this Section, please, by all means, donate it or at least a picture of it, so we can display it here. If you send in something, trust that the Yeoman will return it as soon as he can scan it. Make sure you include a Self-Stamped, Self-Addressed envelope for this purpose.

You can also attach a good quality image file of the item to an Email to the Yeoman. See Email Link below.

Let me take this moment and thank each and every one of you who wishes to participate in the Tokens Section.

Best Regards,

Jake - The Yeoman

A Stamped Letter Cover from 1946 posted from the USS Jaccard DE-355
This Letter Cover was obtained from
Ebay by the Yeoman

Ebay is a wonderful source for finding interesting and related materials to our Naval Experience. To find out if any item is currently available, go to the Ebay above and when there, type in USS JACCARD in the Search Field.

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