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This Site is Dedicated to the men who gave their lives in defense of our Country and our way of life on the USS Hancock CV-19, during World War II. May their sacrifice never be in vain!

"A death of one is clearly a loss to all; how much more is our loss as we gaze upon the List presented here? No words can convey the emotion that is conjured up as one looks at these names! Though many years have passed since these men and officers gave their lives on our beloved ship, their memory lives on in all of us who sailed on the USS Hancock,  for their loss is all of  our's to bear."

~ Ken 'Jake' Jaccard, Site Yeoman ~

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*Note what comes about from Listing these names on this Memorial...

Jake, the Yeoman had been listing Luther Pope Johnson, Jr. as an MIA on this Page.
This mistake in listing Luther MIA has led to a wonderful discovery, for the Government
has yet to discover the name of an "Allied Flier" whose grave was discovered on Kurakashi
Shima P.O.W. camp but they state that his crew members "have been devolved". We now
know, because of this discovery, the name of this unknown pilot who was indeed, Lt(jg)
Clarence Teige and his radioman, Jack Keeley, ARM3c. Keeley was burned in his plane and
his ashes were buried in an undisclosed grave on Kurakashi Shima. Luther P. Johnson, Jr.,
survived the downing of the aircraft and was transferred to the Ofuna P.O.W. camp near

Through this discovery, the government will now learn the name of this unknown pilot. All
this thankfully came to light during an Email session between Jake and David Coile, who was
doing research for the Johnson family. This email was shared with Bob Molleston, our WWII
Historian, who is a former member of AG-6, who has the AG-6 History book, which listed
the names of the crew of this TBM that was shot down.

This is an amazing discovery! We also know now who the unknown pilot who was buried near
the Kurakashi Shima Shock Barracks. (
See Page 65 of the document) which is a part of a
larger document suitable for
high speed ISP connection only. It must be noted that this docu-
ment was gathered after the end of the war in 1946. Subsequent lost data may have been
gathered, and the document in question may not have been updated. If in that case, the
Web Yeoman at least tried.

Details: Luther Johnson, Jr. was deployed in Air Group Six as a turret gunner on a TBM tor-
pedo plane. His pilot was Lt. (jg) Clarence Teige and the radioman was Jack S. Keeley, ARM3c.
On July 24, 1945, while attacking the Kura Naval Base in Japan, Teige’s plane and 3 other
planes from Air Group Six were shot down. Johnson, the only survivor became a P.O.W and
sent to Ofuna P.O.W. camp near Tokyo.

Lt(jg) Teige was either killed in the action/loss of his plane or died subsequently in the P.O.W.
camp, but thankfully to subsequent record discovery, we now know the fate of radioman
Jack Keeley, as the record stated he was burned in the downing of their TBM Torpedo plane,
and his ashes were buried somewhere on Kurakashi Shima but his remains were not found. We
have had subsequent data regarding Johnson as surviving the Ofuna P.O.W. Camp and was
liberated after cessation of hostilities, coming home to live his life, and passing away 31 Oct
2006. If you have any more information on this loss or know of info on other men listed on this
please contact the Web Yeoman ASAP.

Thanks -